Functions of HR

The human resource department is undisputedly one of the most important departments in any business. However, apart from approaching the HRs when we have work trouble, very few of us understand what the HR department is all about. There are specific characteristics that we should have to become an excellent human resource manager. Some of those qualities include assertiveness, professionalism and critical thinking. All these qualities are put into performing functions such as;

Hiring Staff

When help is needed in the office, our HR department is responsible for holding interviews and vetting the applicants to pick out the most eligible persons. Apart from bringing people into the company, HR is also responsible for sending someone on their merry way after we have been fired from the company. There are some documents stored in the human resource’s office that we are supposed to sign before and after leaving a company. It is because of the documents that the HR department is so involved in the hiring or firing of staff, even if a company uses something like this trucking software to aid the process of recruiting drivers.

Employer-Employee Relations

The HR department is always the in-between between employers and employees. Apart from the documents that we sign during the hiring process, the office acts as an intermediary. In case the employers wish to communicate some information to us, the employees, the message goes through HR. The vice-versa also happens if we want to pass on a message to the bosses. Also, the HR department exists to bridge the gap between employees and the employers. In case there is a problem between the two, the human resource director sorts it out.


In case a work accident occurs, a company must compensate me for my injuries, the HR department handles the workers compensation claims. After assessment of the damage by professional, a compensation equivalent to the damage will be presented to me. Also, when there is a holiday of the company wants to reward us, the Human Resource department is responsible for setting up the bonuses. To do this sufficiently, the job is usually given to people who know all the workers and that description fits the HR office perfectly.


There are so many things that go on in a company or corporation and the rules and regulations governing the company might change. If any of that happens, we in the HR department are the first people to know and hence we start reinforcing the new rules and laws. Such practices ensure that the company we work for is both up to date with recent trends and that we are working on the right side of the law. Some companies also carry out company drug testing in Richmond, VA, or wherever is local, to make sure that their employees are also compliant with drug laws and are not under the influence of narcotics. This could put the company and staff at risk if there was to be an accident. Compliance with the law makes things so much easier for all of us thanks to the HR department.

Training and Development

The world we live in now is always evolving and changing. For our products and services to remain at optimum, sometimes, some training is required. After a thorough research of all the methods that could be used to teach us all the new trends, the department sets up the time and the tutors who introduce us to the new trends. New employees also must go through the same training system to ease them into the workplace. On some occasions, training documents that can be created and then printed with the assistance of places like Printivity ( can be handed out to any new employees, as well as existing workers, to act as a reference guide that they can look at if they need reminding of the practices that they have learned in the training session. This could be particularly important when it comes to making sure that they are successful within the company.

Maintaining Conducive Environments

Another major function for HR is maintaining a conducive environment. When we fight with other employees or disagree on things, the whole issue is forwarded to the human resource manager. As the manager, I am obliged to investigate the issue and come up with a verdict. The consequences must also be faced by the person who broke the company rules. To ensure justice and fair judgement, I must always have a level head and be decisive.

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