Is Cactus Water Good for You?

Drinking cactus water has become a recent trend, but what exactly is it, and how does it help your body? Is there any cactus involved in the process? Cactus water is essentially just water that’s been infused with cactus. The cactus plants that grow in deserts across the world are quite useful: the pads contain a gel that acts as a natural anti-inflammatory substance and the roots are believed to have medicinal properties.

What Is Cactus?

A cactus belongs to the Cactaceae family with about 127 genera and 1750 identified species of the Caryophyllales order. The word “cactus” is derived from the Ancient Greek word κάκτος (káktos), which Theophrastus originally used to describe a spiny plant whose identity is unknown.

Cactus water is a mixture of water, fruit extract, and non-citrus flavoring. The liquid is marketed as a natural thirst quencher, containing electrolytes like potassium and calcium. However, some people claim the drink is too weak to provide enough hydration for a healthy person.

Here are a Few Benefits of Cactus Water

Relieves Headaches

The leaves on the prickly pear cactus are edible, and their water has similar properties to aloe vera juice. The best is that cactus water is easily available. It possesses numerous health benefits–it is effective in reducing body aches. It relieves headaches, stiffness, and back pains as well.

Excellent Diuretic

Cactus water is a wonderful diuretic. It does not contain any chemical substances and has extremely high concentrations of electrolytes. It contains 300 mg of potassium per 100mL. The water has the same effect as candesartan and hydrochlorothiazide but is much safer. Indeed, cactus water is as effective as those drugs that can treat kidney damage.

Boosts the Immune System

Drinking cactus water may sound a bit strange, but it offers some benefits. The cactus, also called the Opuntia, has been used throughout centuries in traditional medicine. It grows well in deserts and tropical climates and is a member of the lily family. Recent reports have indicated that it boosts the immune system, thereby reducing the chances of infection.

Improves Heart Health

Recently, researchers have found that this drink can improve heart health. The colorless and odorless water accumulates inside prickly pear cacti. When you slice the cactus open, the water runs out of them. The cacti have a natural filtration system that traps many toxins and pathogens that easily make it into our bodies.

Balances Blood Pressure

Cactus water helps in treating hypertension. It increases blood circulation and improves kidney health. It can balance blood pressure. Besides this, it makes the skin smooth, soft, and supple. It is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. But this is not just it! There is more on the list. It is used to treat urinary infections. It contains sodium and potassium, which are important for fluid balance.

Prevents Kidney Stones

The cactus is harvested when the plant is young, and the water collected is filtered over a period of months. The “secret” ingredient is the plant’s natural pectin fibers, which remove toxins and impurities within the water. This water has high mineral content and is acidic—both of which help prevent the formation of kidney stones.

Clears the Skin and Helps with Anti-Aging

Cactus water has been a popular topic in beauty blogs lately, with good reason! Also known as cactus juice, it is an extract from cactus plants and is a natural alternative to other rejuvenation products you may have heard about. This beverage is filled with anti-aging properties that can improve your complexion without harsh chemicals.

Some Other Benefits

The cactus plant has been used in traditional medicine to treat ulcers. This plant also helps to remedy insomnia and fever. Cactus water has a naturally purifying effect that removes toxins and pollutants from our bodies. The plant uses this process to filter out salt, which helps keep the water pure.

Cactus water isn’t exactly a vitamin or mineral, but it’s high in antioxidants and may help battle metabolic issues. If you’re thinking about trying out cactus water, just have a little patience and test it out, and remember that there’s more than one style of cactus.

If you have gone through the entire article, then you might have understood that cactus water is good for you. It’s loaded with all the good elements, be it minerals or electrolytes that can improve the functions of your body. But it is not just limited to improving your physical health. Cactus water is also known to improve your mood. It can help you sleep better, which can, in turn, allow you to feel refreshed every day. Therefore, if you wish to try it, then let us know what you think after the consumption!

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