Types of Investments

Living from paycheque to paycheque can be quite stressful. It is really difficult to make ends meet and to maintain a good standard of living. Planning for future events such as school fees for the children, medical bills or retirement becomes a nightmare because for most people the paycheque barely covers a lot.

It is, therefore, prudent to plan ahead bit by bit so as to ensure that when that future event occurs you will be ready. I find that when people plan in advance and put their plan to motion early, the odds of reaching their goals will be raised significantly. Many people run away from investments because they feel as if they don’t have enough capital to get them started or simply because they do not possess any knowledge on the subject and so prefer not to lose money. There are a few ways in which people from all walks of life can invest and get the desired returns.


When people hear or think about investments the first thing that pops in their mind is the stock market. This is a great way to start if you want high returns. The downside is that high returns bring in high volatility. Since shares are highly volatile, care has to be taken when buying them. A prospective investor must do their due diligence on the particular company to find out about their performance over the years.

When buying shares, I find that doing it myself online or using an App really helps. This allows me to make the investments I want wherever I am. This freedom also allows me to sell when I feel like the markets are crashing. For those people who do not have experience with buying shares, I would suggest that you make use of a broker. A broker will provide you with all the relevant information you need to know as well as good advice on the shares that suit your risk appetite. They also help with monitoring your progress as well as adjusting your investments if needs be.

Unit Trust/ Collective Investment Schemes

When you want to invest in, for example, your child University fees that will be due in 15 years, Unit trusts are the way to go. These are relatively safe and less volatile than shares which is why people who want to invest for a long time prefer them. Many investor’s funds are pooled together by an investment manager into a single fund. This minimises the risk individual investors usually take on and allows them to get maximum returns.

Unit trusts are affordable which is why even low to middle-income earners can invest in them without going beyond their budget.


Investing in property allows you to secure financial freedom in the near future. In most cases, property prices tend to go up over time. However, some properties drop in prices due to various factors affecting the area. Due diligence should also be done when investing in property so as to avoid such problems as depreciation. You could consider looking into options such as Address Property Consultants who could provide you with the best solutions when buying, leasing, or investing in a property!

Property also costs a lot to buy and maintain and so such a venture should be well thought out. If money is no issue, prospective buyers of property can simply purchase property after doing research. If it’s your business venture, I find it wiser to either get a loan or to get a partner so as to minimize the loss.

You have to identify your market and stick with it as all properties are not the same. For example, if you have knowledge of buying Ranch land for sale and leasing these spaces for recreation purposes, it might not be so wise to invest large sums of money in building blocks of flats or office spaces.

Another type of property investment that you can consider is a timeshare. Timeshares are based on the concept of fractional property ownership. For instance, if you buy one week at a timeshare condominium every year, you own 1/52nd of the unit. If you buy one month, you own one-twelfth of the unit. The remaining fractions are purchased by other buyers. While timeshares can be an exciting and possibly cost-effective way to travel on a regular basis, they frequently have both initial and ongoing costs that must be considered. However, before you buy, do some research on the property and speak with other timeshare owners. Don’t make a hasty decision, and let salespeople rush you. However, if you are already committed to a timeshare investment, it might be difficult to get out of the contract. You may also need to contact an exit group company like Wesley Financial Group if you want to exit the agreement. That is, once you begin working with a lawyer to manage your communication with a timeshare exit company, it would most likely begin to handle your case through their legal department.


Investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is a good move as it is potentially profitable. You would have to help with the risks and rewards associated with it if you plan on going forward with this option. More and more people have started using cryptocurrency wallets apps like Coin Cloud to buy, sell and manage their digital currencies, and it is likely to grow in the coming years as well.

Trends should be observed to see what people are into and what will most likely bring in money in the long run. The above options are not an exhaustive list. There are various options that anyone can explore and make money from. The key is to go in with an open mind and be ready to learn new things every day. Investments are not for the faint-hearted as there are no guarantees in business. Loss should be expected and be used as a lesson. Without lessons, one can simply not understand how to truly do something properly.

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